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Magic Lifting Serum

... is a highly concentrated elixir for tightening and smoothing the skin of the face, neck and décolleté area....
99,90 €

Magic Collagen Gold Thread

Thread lifting without needles, but made to WOW! We are all getting older - but you don't have to look at us to see it...
69,90 €

Magic Pads

Made to delight, our Magic Pads can noticeably refine your skin texture ...
29,90 €


Pinzette speziell für unsere Magic Collagen Faden Kit Produkte...
9,95 €

Magic Gold Collagen Thread - Home Kit

With this kit you can experience one of the latest beauty treatments simply at home...
199,90 €

Magic Cleanser 3 in 1

Experience cosmetics of the 3-fold kind! The effect of gel, oil and milk combined in one product...
29,90 €

Magic Bag

Magic Bag speziell für unsere Produkte...
19,95 €

Tigel für Fäden

Tigel leer speziell für unsere Magic Gold Collagen Fäden...
6,90 €


An experience in blue and apricot! This is where a refreshing moisture kick meets a great lift...
149,90 €

Magic Gold Collagen thread - Home Kit XL

With this kit you can experience one of the latest beauty treatments simply at home...
349,90 €

Magic Eye Lifting-Gel

Magic Eye Lifting-Gel – The "must have" for magical moments!...
89,90 €

Magic Collagen Gold Thread + Magic Lifting Serum

Thread lifting without needles, without pain, but made to WOW!...
149,90 €

Magic Mousse

Magic Mousse - Magic Mousse - for more tingling on the skin...
29,90 €

Magic Mask

Inspire the world with a fresh complexion and your more youthful appearance...
89,90 €

Magic Lifting Cream

...MagicLifting cream - the young cure for your face...
89,90 €
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